Case Studies

Airmic 2016

Winning another best stand award at last year’s Airmic conference was a special moment for the Rushton team. Our stand always represents our culture and values of quality, attention to detail, professionalism and fun! Airmic travels to the spa town of Harrogate in June. Ideas have been flowing for this year’s theme so please come […]

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The risk of incorrect sums insured

We often find that clients’ fixed assets are incorrectly insured and / or hold limited information regarding how the sums insured have been arrived at. In many cases the values declared on the policy will impact on whether average applies in the event of a loss, the level of premium paid and in some sectors […]

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How might the Insurance Act impact clients and their insurance professionals?

We feel that the Act places an onus on the client to issue clear and concise information in relation to the value of their assets via the requirement for fair representation.  The insureds will be under a new duty of fair presentation, replacing the general obligation to disclose all material facts. The insured will have […]

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Polls Apart

Nobody saw it coming. The Conservative election win is up there with the other great shocks of the 21st century:  Pluto reclassified as a dwarf,  WMD goes missing and Nigel Farage is replacing Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear! So now the TV event of the year is over and we must get back to business. […]

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Industry Focus: Sport, Hospitality and Leisure

As the season closes on another fantastic Barclays Premier league, Rushton is pleased to report its own winning ‘away form’ at several Premier league clubs. Recent wins include Crystal Palace, Southampton, Arsenal and Swansea, all keen to ensure their tangible assets are correctly valued. The off-season is a great time for many housekeeping tasks to […]

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