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Frequently Asked Questions?

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We undertake work on a worldwide basis.

Rushton International is a specialist insurance valuation company with headquarters in the UK. We have offices and valuers located in the following regions:

  • USA
  • UAE
  • Ireland
  • Australia

All work is managed, planned and invoiced via our head office and we have a team of qualified and experienced surveyors who specialise in the valuation of assets for insurance purposes. This is the core service that we provide, and we act for a diverse range of clients. Please see below for full details of our valuation experience.

• We offer our clients a consistent worldwide valuation approach across all locations. This is important as different business units should follow the sample valuation methodology to avoid issues such as double counting or omission of assets and problems such as the incorrect delineation of assets.

• All work is coordinated, planned and managed via our UK head office.

• All work is completed using Rushton International staff and to standards accepted by the insurance market.

• We provide impartial and independent valuation advice and we are experts in your sector.

• We make site visits to collate data on the assets to be valued.

• We travel worldwide and use the same experienced valuation team to act for our clients.

• We have offices in the US & UAE and valuers who are located in the US, UAE and Australia; however, all work is managed and planned via our UK head office.

• Over 50% of our work is undertaken outside of the UK and we work with many international clients.

• Due to our low office profile and efficient management structure we are able to offer clients a truly global valuation service at competitive rates.

Please contact a member of our team by emailing or get in touch via the website today.

We do not rely on client data when completing our work. We can prepare new asset schedules, undertake valuations without, or using, limited information, and our work is based on what we see rather than what we are given by our clients.

An insurance valuation provides peace of mind that the replacement values used for insurance cover and risk studies are correct. It also ensures that all assets are captured as at the valuation date. We often find that new projects or additions are not correctly reflected/captured by the client. Relying on historical information and index linking can result in incorrect sums insured. The work undertaken will be independent and impartial. The work will be backed by our PI insurance.

The valuation will not interfere with normal operations. We will require access to the plant and plant lines in order to take our site data. It would be useful to have a familiarisation tour on arrival at the plant. On completion of the tour, we would like to work unaided and walk through the facility taking detailed site notes.

We would typically allow for a period of four weeks from receipt of instruction to issue of the valuation report. We will endeavour to meet any reporting timescales and we have resources available to complete the work in a shorter timescale if required.

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    Insurance Valuations

    Insurance Valuations

    Rushton International is a tried and trusted name in insurance valuations. Our valuation advice assists clients, risk managers and their brokers to accurately and confidentially set sums insured for the fixed assets in their insurance programme.

    Financial Valuation

    Financial Valuations

    We work with our clients to deliver comprehensive valuation advice for financial reporting purposes. By using our sector experience and market knowledge we are able to assist with the valuation of plant, equipment and other specialised assets in order to estimate fair value for GAAP and IFRS financial reporting purposes.

    Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Rushton International provides asset management solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Our work ranges from asset verification, preparation of computerised asset registers and updating asset registers.


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