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Rushton International is the appointed valuer for several leading real estate and PFI management companies. We have an experienced valuation team and we regularly value buildings for insurance purposes.

Our reinstatement valuations are built up from sub-structure to superstructure, relevant fit out (which can vary considerably) and site improvements. The real estate sector spans all building types and construction forms, and the valuation methodology should alter to reflect this.

We have valued many assets in this sector both in the UK and worldwide for our clients. A snapshot of our experience is below.

For further details on our experience and the services we can provide please contact a member of our marketing team.


Some Recent Projects We Have Valued

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Company Name:Football Club – UK

Assets Valued: Valuation of all buildings, contents and fine art

Service: On site surveys and comprehensive insurance valuation report

Company Name:PFI company – UK

Assets Valued: Valuation of all buildings and site improvements that fall under the responsibility of the project company

Service: On-site surveys and comprehensive insurance valuation report

Company Name:Private development Company – UK

Assets Valued: Valuation of all buildings across 40 UK locations

Service: On site surveys and comprehensive insurance valuation report

Company Name:FTSE 100 Company – UK

Assets Valued: Rolling valuation programme to include all buildings and insurable assets that fall in the insurance programme. This includes office, retail, shopping centres and industrial premises together with any associated site improvements.

Service: On-site surveys and comprehensive insurance valuation report together with high-level allocation of declared values to the occupiers.

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    Insurance Valuations

    Insurance Valuations

    Rushton International is a tried and trusted name in insurance valuations. Our valuation advice assists clients, risk managers and their brokers to accurately and confidentially set sums insured for the fixed assets in their insurance programme.

    Financial Valuation

    Financial Valuations

    We work with our clients to deliver comprehensive valuation advice for financial reporting purposes. By using our sector experience and market knowledge we are able to assist with the valuation of plant, equipment and other specialised assets in order to estimate fair value for GAAP and IFRS financial reporting purposes.

    Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Rushton International provides asset management solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Our work ranges from asset verification, preparation of computerised asset registers and updating asset registers.